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About Us

We are the Onda team!
We have one mission:
To make you feel at home!

Sadia : (The Mother of the House)

You can call her ‘khalty’ which means aunt. She always makes sure the house smells good, you have a clean room, and you’re full. Her food is just an addiction and she’s super kind. She will be like a mother to you while you are staying with us!

Mouhamed Abir : (Owner)

Mouhamed, as every Moroccan loves to host. That’s why he created this hostel. He's a lovely  guy, he likes talking to people and his favourite hobby: making jokes. When you meet him you truly feel that he's a welcoming man.

Siham El kharraz : (Manager)

If you are looking for Siham, you have 3 options: she’s dancing, surfing or she’s cooking. She will  manage your trip from your landing flight  until  the end of your adventure and answer to all your questions, she will make you feel like at home, be ready to see her face everywhere!

Xabi : (Surf Instructor)

Xabi moved here after he fell in love with the Moroccan waves! WIth his help you will learn to surf or move up to the next level. You will fall in love with the waves just as he did!

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